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Named “Top FinTech Forward Company To Watch” by AMERICAN BANKER and BAI, InSpirAVE’s social e-commerce platform inspires people to multiply their savings and afford big purchase goals for life’s special moments. Our patent-pending technology combines the best savings from merchants and banks, with support from friends and family to place big purchases within reach, without debt. This is informed by the InSpirAVE team’s track-record across retail, e-commerce, and financial technology.

At a time when 30% of purchases are regretted and half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, InSpirAVE’s impact has elicited critical acclaim. We have been featured in leading forums including SXSW, EFMA, and Finovate. There is excitement surrounding our ability to financially empower  users to make responsible purchase decisions and personalized plans to ‘save more, faster’ until their big purchase-goal is delivered. InSpirAVE’s partner merchants and banks are equally distinguishing themselves as socially impactful brands that are realizing the materially significant benefits of new revenue-streams. Together, we are building expanded, engaged customer relationships with enduring loyalty.


At InSpirAVE, we are forging a future where:

  • No purchasing goal is out of reach if you set your mind to it.
  • Far beyond the money in your bank account, you can harness the wealth and wisdom that lies in your friends, family and the well-wishing network you share experiences with.
  • We can all be empowered to thoughtfully choose for ourselves, without the distraction of shiny objects that doesn’t improve our lives.


We’re the team behind InSpirAVE

Om Kundu

Founder & CEO

“It’s an honor unlike any other to be part of such a remarkably diverse and brilliant InSpirAVE team on a mission that is as steadfast as it is audacious: expanding the frontiers of what’s possible by empowering all to #SaveForWhatMatters.” 

– Om

Mark Krofchik


“I joined InSpirAVE to promote dreams without debt and we’ve built the ecommerce platform that does it!  InSpirAVE combines intelligent planning and multiplied savings to enable anyone to achieve their goals without going into debt.” 

– Mark

Yosef Fastow


“What makes me excited about InSpirAVE is how it helps me save up that much more to afford buying what matters,  that might be out of my reach through other websites. I also love how inspirave integrates opinion and support from family and friends.” 

– Yosef

Adebola Adesina


“Inspirave is special because it helps with financial burdens.”

– Adebola

Mariko Frost

UX / UI Design

“The social gifting option is a great problem solver.  Instead of each person purchasing a small gift for say a wedding, they can join forces to get one large gift that will be greatly appreciated.” 

– Mariko

Yangbo Du


“InSpirAVE is the first-of-a-kind e-commerce site allowing users to save money to spend on experiences that matter to them. Think debt-free alternative to credit cards.” 

– Yangbo

Hope Lourie Killcoyne

Editorial Director

“The sum is greater than the parts, especially when the monetary sum is pricey. InSpirAVE’s impact is similarly that much greater than anything else out there in making the pricey affordable.”

– Hope

David Gerbino

“Not all purchases need to incur debt. That is what far too many people do. InSpirAVE is the cure to debt-driven purchases. Its social foundation is the secret sauce that will allow it to flourish.”

– David

Steve Cherin

InSpirAVE offers a new way to save for what matters, including the power of social that allows friends and family contribute toward your goal.” 

– Steve

Kristopher Krash

“InSpirAVE is the future of Savings.”

– Kristopher

Ganesh Mani

“Of the People, By the Network, For the Savers: InSpirAVE is a bold
constitution by the founding folks with the potential
to abolish the slavery of debt!”

– Ganesh

Leigh Allen

Jaime Punishill

Daniele Alesi

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