Helping customers reach their full potential

Helping customers reach their full potential

Om Kundu, founder of InSpirAVE, tells us what attendees can expect from Efma’s upcoming New York Business Trip and outlines his thoughts for the future of the sector.   What will you be showcasing at the upcoming New York Business Trip? Attendees will get a first hand...

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Thanks @rshevlin @forbes 4 citing our #community among #fintech cos🖊️#SavingForWhatMatters
With support of loved ones

No better time2join them
To afford big goals
Further #financial #wellness
Emerge from this #pandemic that much💪🏽
#TogetherApart #COVID19

Ron Shevlin@rshevlin

New update of the list of #fintech firms providing free tech during the #Coronavirus crisis

26 new entries

@InSpirAve @zucisystems @JeffMarsico @adlumin @aeropayapp @finscend @KapitalWise @NXTsoft

Special thanks to @ICBA for sharing their list.

@JimMarous @rshevlin @InSpirAve @zucisystems @JeffMarsico @adlumin @aeropayapp @finscend @KapitalWise @NXTsoft @ICBA 🙏🏽
10+months from now...
Trusting our concerted actions find people—
In better shape than present
With a better set of options than present
For better equilibrium than w/ present vehicles
which oft induce #debt

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